Jenkins Creek Elementary PTA

Covington, WA


Fundraising is important to the JC PTA because it affords us the opportunity to to many things, including facilitating our Art Docent program, family outreach events, and other extra-curricular clubs. 

We had our best year yet with APEX!  Thank you to all who came out to volunteer, all those who shared a million times, all those who donated and all those who supported us!  This could not be as awesome as it was without you!

The X-FACTOR is a combination of different habits that unlock the secrets to making the world a better place for everyone!

F - FEARLESS - Being fearless means we’re willing to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone.  It means we’re willing to take the first step into the unknown, even if we fail!  

A - ADAPT - To adapt means we are able to adjust to different situations, especially when they’re out of our control!

C - CARE - It means we’re willing to put in the effort to show everyone we’re serious about reaching our goals! 

T - TALK ‘EM UP - When we talk positively about ourselves it can give us the strength to keep going, the strength to overcome challenges we face. Encouraging others and highlighting their strengths can also bring out the best in them!

O - ORIGINAL - To be original means you’re the first version!  It means you are one of a kind!   There is only one YOU, and what you bring to the world matters

R - REALIZE - This is when we will discover what it means to be an X-Factor!


Jenkins Creek PTA is selling BOGO Jersey Mikes cards.  They are $25 each.  

100% of the profits go back to the PTA.  We use this towards events, staff/teacher appreciation, classroom supplies and student needs

Box Tops for Education are a great way to support our PTA! 

If your purchase still has the old, traditional clip Box Tops, clip them and turn them into the Box Top Box in the front office.

If your purchase has the No More Clipping labels on the packaging, Download the Box Tops for Education App and scan your receipt (within 14 days).

Bonus! You can also scan receipts for purchases with the clip tops! Double Credit!!!

If you don't want to download the app and scan your receipts, turn your receipts into the Box Tops Box in the front office and we will scan it for you!

Fred Meyer Community Rewards - The Fred Meyer Community Rewards donates back to JC based on the purchases you make at Fred Meyer.  Click here to learn more!  

AmazonSmile - AmazonSmile is another shopping based way to donate to Jenkins Creek PTA. Make a purchase through AmazonSmile and Amazon will donate .5% of the total to Jenkins Creek PTA! Learn more by clicking here!

Funding Factory - Does your place of employment use ink cartridges and/or toners? How about at home? Let JC PTA recycle those empty toners and cartridges for you! A collection bin is located in the Front Office and the PTA Room in the MPR. We also recycle old cell phones, cell phone batteries and accessories. This is another great way for kids to learn about recycling and helping out their school and environment!

If you have a great idea for fundraising, please contact us!